How Richmond Make A Difference

In one sentence

Richmond, constantly, adds value. Within the market, where it counts; on the ground.

We help our principals in numerous ways, through our local knowledge, presence and expertise. We enable them to correctly address and then control their target market. We :


  • Give them their own Middle Eastern office without the cost.
  • Help them avoid making damaging and costly mistakes; making wrong decisions and selections.
  • Help them set a realistic strategy.
  • Give them eyes, ears and boots on the ground.
  • Select the best distributors for their needs.
  • Ensure the distributor maintains focus on our principal and their products.
  • Manage, motivate and direct those selected distributors optimally.
  • Train the distributors and their salesforces.
  • Accompany the distributor’s sales personnel on salescalls.
  • Sell on behalf of distributors and pass them the orders.


Effectively, we make things happen from strategy-setting, through distributor selection, all the way to sales implementation and local market management.

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